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Atomaa Team

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ATOMAA would not exist without the valuable collaboration with professionals, colleagues and even friends, all of whom leave an important trace in the realisation of our vision. Every person who joins our team, is not only valued as a highly skilled and talented collaborator, but is valued as an individual; as someone who becomes part of the writing of our narrative.

Rethinking Carlo Scarpa “Matrice”

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For the design of a prestigious apartment in Milan, the tiles of a new stone floor were designed and handmade by Venetian craftsmen. The challenge for these artisans was to create a floor tile which expressed the unique disorder found on site during demolition. Inserts of Thassos marble, irregularly positioned according to a rule, within a bed of white cement and Carrara marble chips, aims to recreate the image of the wooden laths which served as substructure for the original parquet floor.

Carlo Scarpa, Fondazione Showroom Olivetti, Venezia, 1957-58

Materiality matters

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In a world overwhelmed with digital development, we often find ourselves detached from the tactile experience, with only visual stimulation left to fulfil our aesthetic desires. At ATOMAA, we value the relationship between people and the materials which surround us. We believe that, with the careful selection of materials and with a hands-on approach during the production process, we can bring people back to the tactile world.
Working with local artisans, we aim to bring praise to handcraft as a means of creating the narrative for each material we use.

Our material choices greatly depend on the project in question and remain sensitive and contextual while playing an integral role in defining the spaces we create. This focus on materiality has become a fundamental area of focus for us at ATOMAA and is one which allows us to bring people and architecture together.