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Nolita – A home for Flâneurs

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Nestled in the heart of NoLo, a new creative design district of Milan, Nolita is a roomy guest house apartment located in a twentieth century building with vintage ceiling details and original Deco floor tiles. A long central corridor acts as the main artery of the home from which, 2 bathrooms, a communal kitchen and 5 bedrooms can be found, all lightly kissed by natural light.

The design approach aims to use the existing narrative of the apartment to inform light interventions, achieving a series of spaces which reflect their own atmosphere while still in communication with each other. These interventions range from the careful choice of colour used to frame the rooms; to the selection of a number of custom designed furniture pieces; and the romantic choice of cutlery and crockery. This subtle yet meaningful attention to detail aims to show a tasteful architecture of common sense which, until now, has been trapped behind closed shutters.

Throughout the apartment, the existing floor tiles are referenced in order to narrate the atmosphere of the rooms and to influence the colour palette for each room. The decision to paint the lower half of the walls while leaving the upper part white aims to show the relationship with the existing floor while allowing natural light to reflect off the walls and ceiling. This serves as a memory of when the shutters were reopened after many years - light and colour - a gesture which is repeated every morning.

The apartment is sprinkled with a number of bespoke furniture elements, which aim to make for a comfortable stay for guests. As is the case with many Italian homes, the kitchen acts as the heart of the home, in this case providing a space for gathering and storytelling.

The kitchen is a unique element built of pink concrete with white Carrara marble. This bespoke design piece is handmade in one single attempt and its curves allude to the past, a functional necessity, while communicating with the two oblò windows above.


Client: Private
Typology: Guest House
Place: Milan, Italy
Year: 2018.09
Sqm: 157
Architectural Design: ATOMAA, Studio Asabesi
Design Team: Umberto Maj, Eleonora Salsa, Samantha Furlotti, Simone Marusi
Colour Consultant: Marta Lavinia Carboni
Photography: Sara Magni
General contractor: ASDM di Erriu Antonio
Carpenter: Donghi Arredi, Projet Metal
Bespoke Concrete Furniture: Caldara Giambattista

ATOMAA called to speak about Micro Living as new contemporary typology

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The new real estate season starts from residential, supported by the diversification and specialization of housing demand as an expression of needs and styles of new vines but, above all, of a new way of considering the house, which for new generations goes from good to service . In this scenario, the micro living sector represents a rapidly growing sector and is destined to become one of the most popular asset classes in the alternative residential sector, as shown by the growth trends in the demand for small furnished apartments in large cities. An orientation destined to transform the housing stock also in our country and that shows in the investor radar the rented residential.

"The Micro Living operates on the internal distribution and on the fixed and containing furnishing elements. The fixed furniture is integrated with the functional areas of the house, and is the main tool for a synthesis of the domestic space, in an organic vision that puts the user 's need for use, and expectations, comfort and atmosphere into a system."  Cesare Galligani Organized by CDV Conference Management Link