Wunderkammer in Piola
Milan, IT

The project focuses on the construction of spaces using original materials and added elements; even if in contrast, they communicate openly to create lively environments, populated by the owners' collection of designer objects..

The internal distribution has a clear hierarchy: the large common space communicates, through three portals of the same size, directly with the main service spaces such as entrance, kitchen and hallway. These spaces, with individually distinct finishes and proportions, in turn, communicate with each other with secret passages, carved out of the fixed furnishings integrated into the walls.

The domestic atmosphere is characterized by the use of dissonant materials: the original herringbone parquet, in cherry wood, is combined without transitions with silipol tiles, an aggregate composed of spheres of pressed granite, marble and cement powders, typical of Milan’s first Metro stations, designed by the Albini-Helg studio.
In the kitchen, the green silipol is combined with fixed elm wood and porphyry shelves.


Client: Private
Typology: Apartment
Place: Milan, Italy
Year: 2019.11
Sqm: 111
Architectural Design: ATOMAA
Design Team: Francesca Luci, Ylenia Testore, Danilo Monzani
Photography: Alberto Strada
General contractor: Relazioni Edili Snc
Carpenter: Studio Giacomo Moor