Per Form House
Milan, IT
Micro Living

The dancer William Forsythe showed us how from a line, you can improvise a beautiful choreography. If you imagine two points on your body (or one in space and one on the skin) you can also imagine the line that unites them. These lines can be joined, extended, extruded, folded, followed. Thus, the body constantly creates lines and reacts to imaginary lines in space, thus always dancing in the spaces in which it inhabits. Thus, the imaginary lines of our body interact with the lines of the space we inhabit and living becomes choreography.

In this project, the lines dividing the space were moved towards the center of the room, opening new visual axes along the perimeter walls. With a playful design strategy, the goal was to remove the service spaces from the edges, thus freeing the sources of natural light and allowing greater freedom of movement along the newly designed paths of the space. The apartment and the user talk to each other in a performance made of light movements and silent mechanisms.

The new geometry circulates around a central point. This volume is capable of containing the relocated service spaces but at the same time defines the shape of the spaces around it: a small entrance, an anteroom with dressing table, the bedroom and the kitchen. The central core is cut by a ray of sunshine: a corner retreats, leaving room for light and opening the view to the kitchen.

The character of the apartment is defined by lines of colour, material textures and sliding elements in polycarbonate. These lightweight panels allow for a continuous reconfiguration of the space, hiding from view, when necessary, while still allowing light to reach the bright corners of the apartment.

The furniture design maximizes flexibility and variability in the use of the apartment, so that the living room and the bedroom coexist in a single space without being present at the same time.


Client: Private
Typology: Micro Apartment
Place: Milan, Italy
Year: 2014.09
Sqm: 42
Architectural Design: ATOMAA, Studio Asabesi
Design Team: Daniela Serini
Photography: Jule Hering
General contractor: Relazioni Edili RE