ATOMAA called to speak about Micro Living as new contemporary typology
Milano, IT

The new real estate season starts from residential, supported by the diversification and specialization of housing demand as an expression of needs and styles of new vines but, above all, of a new way of considering the house, which for new generations goes from good to service . In this scenario, the micro living sector represents a rapidly growing sector and is destined to become one of the most popular asset classes in the alternative residential sector, as shown by the growth trends in the demand for small furnished apartments in large cities. An orientation destined to transform the housing stock also in our country and that shows in the investor radar the rented residential.

"The Micro Living operates on the internal distribution and on the fixed and containing furnishing elements. The fixed furniture is integrated with the functional areas of the house, and is the main tool for a synthesis of the domestic space, in an organic vision that puts the user 's need for use, and expectations, comfort and atmosphere into a system."  Cesare Galligani Organized by CDV Conference Management Link