House in constant transition
Milan, IT
Micro Living

The main project intervention was to move the bathroom from the previous location and to relocate it near to the perimeter wall, furthest from the natural light from the windows.
This presented the possibility to centralize the elements needed for fixed functional uses, such as storage furniture, the wardrobe, washing machine and entrance, all positioned along the perimeter wall, in a sort of act of thickening that wall.
The result was that the main spaces for everyday life, were located near the light sources, in a sort of continuous open and free space.

We created an ordered sequence of the three different spaces, each one with a dedicated window as a source of natural light, which can be divided and reorganized with the pushing and pulling of timber panels or curtains.

All of the custom made furniture and the timber panels and doors are made in birch plywood and treated with transparent polyurethane varnish.

From a colour and texture point of view, the apartment is characterized by a very restricted palette, consisting of white, light grey, polished steel and different examples of natural wood. The floor is finished in alternating natural and dark durmast oak, laid in a diagonal orientation.

The walls, left in exposed bricks, are painted light grey from the floor to 215 cm high, and then coated in an enamel white paint until the ceiling.


Client: Private
Tipology: Micro Living
Place: Milan, Italy
Year: 2019.04
Sqm: 44
Architectural Design: ATOMAA
Design Team: Danilo Monzani, Ylenia Testore
Photography: Gregory Abbate
General contractor: Ristrutturiamo Srls
Carpenter: Donghi Arredi