Optimistic by Nature
Milan, IT

ATOMAA was recently interviewed by the European web platform "New Generations". The discussion covers topics such as the relationship between our work methodology and the approach towards our designs, and even our creative work environment.

"Even if the organisation of time in contemporary project processes are often frenetic, we practice the ‘Resistenza’: we take the time to discuss ongoing projects in a slow and calm manner and then make calculated decisions and even work by hand.."

" We build models to study details; we use freehand sketches to help us reason and develop ideas; we use mood boards of real material samples, which is simply irreplaceable."

New Generations is a European platform that investigates the changes in the architectural profession ever since the economic crisis of 2008. They analyse the most innovative emerging practices at the European level, providing a new space for the exchange of knowledge and confrontation, theory, and production.​

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