Powder coated aluminum

Angiolina was born out of a love for simplicity with a twist, which is echoed throughout the collection. Its design, inspired by a single cylindrical element, is characterised by delicate curves and soft lines.

Crafted from powder-coated aluminium, Angiolina is sophisticated yet lightweight. A distinguishing feature is the absence of corners and sharp edges, which creates an intriguing interaction with light, which diffuses soft shadows and warms the atmosphere of any room. Angiolina's essential design, reminiscent of a construction brick sculpture made by a child, is both eye-catching and versatile.

Available in various sizes and colours, it fits into any style or space. Angiolina not only adds a fresh note to your home, but elevates it with a mix of elegance and playfulness.

Let Angiolina transform your space and contact us to welcome this piece of furniture into your home.